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Visual identity for the newly opened
Museum of Józsefváros

Brand identity


This project is the visual identity concept of the newly opened Museum of Józsefváros that was founded to represent the history of the 8th district in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The museum would exist as a cultural hub where the audience of all ages could spend their freetime, attend events and take part in social activities. As I spent years living in the area, I found it interesting to dig up the past of this district whilst focusing on its present life as well as its future plans.

As the most diverse district of the city, the institute's goal is to erase the difference between generations and nationalities, since this area is a home for almost 80.000 people. To put is as simplified as I can, I designed the logo from a plain monogram using Signika font and its playful and modern boldness. To make it even more playful, I created an icon set using the abstract versions of the assets and symbols of the district. This set would appear on different surfaces such as merchandise or signal system.
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To destroy the boundaries, more new inhabitants (for instance students or international people) need to be invited. Social media is a perfect tool for this purpose. By creating posts and stories using the colors of the identity, highlighting events and important news, lots of people can discover this place.
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