I write letters I never sent

When I moved to my old apartment, I saw the entrance hallway was full of envelopes - quite dirty ones because every tenant kept stepping on them instead of picking up or throwing out, they belonged to previous tenants who don't live there anymore. First I decided to do something with some of these 'forgotten letters' and kept on drawing and painting on them, without any purpose, for solely fun. Later, as a start of my research project, I used the form of a letter to say something to or about those past lovers to whom I ever had feelings. These are made for people who I am no longer in contact with, therefore I named this project 'Letters I Never Sent' as I write things I would say but I can't anymore. This is a form of letting go. A form of therapy, trauma closure. A form of collecting my thoughts. Getting to know myself and my emotions. And a little bit of storytelling, maybe even a little too personal.

PS. someone put those adorable hearts (seen on the last picture) in my pocket during a wednesday lecture and even up until this day I don't know who it was, but thank you, I love you too.